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Trauma is an emotional response to an event that causes an overwhelming amount of stress. A traumatic event can be any stressful event such as being the victim of a violent crime or sexual assault, experiencing the death of a close relative or friend, or being involved in an accident. In addition, trauma can arise […]

PTSD therapy

Experiencing traumatic events causes many people to have difficulty adjusting and coping, but with time and good self-care, they often get better. Sometimes, however, the symptoms get worse and can last for months or even years. If you have gone through a traumatic event, and feel like the memories from the event are impacting your […]

Depression counseling

It is not unusual to feel sad or discouraged at times. Sadness is a common reaction to disappointment. Clinical depression, however, is a more severe reaction to life’s struggles and has a more significant impact on your ability to work, have healthy relationships or the function socially. When you are feeling down because of a […]